Cowboy Arcade

The Cowboy Arcade has been the nexus of Arcade gaming for the past year. I think possibly as many as 10 people have visited since then, including countless celebreties and dead presidents. Everything is on FREE PLAY for my friends. Speaking of friends, my friend Dan is always taking the ninja turtle weapons out of my closet, attempting to swing them around, and then hurts somebody else. Last week he killed a rhinoceros, and we weren't even playing outside.

Here are the games to choose from.

Ikaruga - (TREASURE)
Radiant Silvergun - (TREASURE)
Ketsui - (CAVE)
DoDonPachi Dai-Ou-Jou - (CAVE)
Progear No Arashi - (CAVE)
Dimahoo - (RAIZING)
Battle Garegga - (RAIZING)